claudia-linkedinIn 2014 I moved to Denmark from Australia. I was born in the caribbean (Colombia), a tropical fish.

Blended into my new ecosystem, my eyes numb cold, teary, I reached for survival.

In Denmark, the sun renders it all different, a greyscale, sober, sad. Sitting on the white couch of our AirB&B flat, I had a realisation:

I realised Danes had figured out a way to compensate for their unfortunate weather, and had figured out how to find happiness in simple everyday activities. I called it- the happiness of things. They set up love conversations on their window ledges, a bit of humour, a lot of thought. They collect. They coordinate silhouette and proportion on their dinner tables. They play out their reality and own it. They render moments beautiful.

They reframe.

This beauty is not only in things, but also in people. They are experts  in making things special, making you feel special. It all adds up. Moments can be remembered on the colour of your napkin, on the light of a lamp, on the huggable depth of a moment, awareness. Moments can build memories on little happy things, on the presence of someone truly present.

Danes calle this hygge:

A reframing mechanism that takes the positive out of a situation without letting the negative out of the frame.

This is a tale of hygge,

written by a wondering tropical fish.

Come as you are.