Ever since I landed in this flagged country (Denmark), I have being awed by the spirituality/ poetic details of everyday life, as if it is something they (Danes) figured our for centuries and I’m just happening to touch the surface of it. Can I actually reach its depth and be a Hygge scout, write a Hygge report?  Can I Hygge? So It got me thinking:

CAN I Hygge in summer, or is it some sort of survival kit needed for dark winter days?

CAN I Hygge alone, or is it something exclusive to togetherness and sharing?

So, I came up with some rules. These are the rules to get your Hygge on:

#1. Be grateful.

Watch out for the details the universe has orchestrated for you to be exactly where you are. And say thank you.

#2.  Share.

Sharing will just turn on the cycle of goodness. It is a spark that would start the engine of Hygge every time. It is the direct line to Hygge. So share something that is not a selfie. Share something that nurtures, that contributes. Give the world of that cool warmth that comes from your authentic you, the original, like a smile, a high five, a yes- I hear you- I know how you feel. And hear. Be present. And maybe stop that do what you love, love what you do– on your phone all by yourself routine. Passions, like Hygge, are stars that shine more when they join other stars.

Touch the fire in your heart (with others). Do that.

#3. Be passionate.

Love what you are doing with all your heart and remind yourself of how those passions relate to others. Challenge yourself. Work can by Hygge. Engage your heart on whatever you are doing, and be flexible, playful.

Jacob Wagner said, “I believe that design (life) should be seductive. If an idea doesn’t warm my heart or make me smile I might as well throw away the sketch and start all over.” 

#4. Connect.

The dots of beauty are there (and everywhere).

#5. Be free.

Slowly back out of any kind of agenda.

#6.  Be weird.

Stay true to whatever you are feeling. It is not important what anybody thinks. If you happen to define yourself in the definition that other people give you, you are an outsider to yourself and have  jumped out of all your chances of Hygge. It just puts yourself out of the moment, out of flow.

#7. Be Present.

Engage in moments with smiles and eyes, giving and receiving. If you are going to tell a story, make it present, change bits, bring it to context. Translate that message to that specific moment. Your message will remain strong in content but will be different in presence. Felt. And that will mean it will feel true.

#8. Experience memory, time and tradition.

Frame that moment with meaningfulness. Look up for transitions of time that are felt, time that is impregnated by a sense of importance. Sometimes making a video is not needed. You won’t remember you did a video if the moment didn’t touch you. Let life touch you, frame that transformative experience in your heart, and make a mark somewhere, so you can come back to it at some point (and maybe celebrate). Boom. Tradition. Create some traditions.

#9. Be an optimist.

Forget about how”smart” it sounds to be a pessimist and stop going creative on negative sarcasm. Being an optimist is smart. Everything has a point of balance. Put your hands together (clap!) and make ordinary life less ordinary. Set yourself for extraordinary and open up to a happy coincidence  that is about to happen. Obvious things that are so ordinary, they become extraordinary.

#10. Believe you can start NOW. You can stay where you are. Home is where you are.

You don’t need to move. Because there are no limits. Small spaces can also contain infinite beauty, light.

Submerge on the infinity of the moment, and take it all in. Breathe. Find yourself a pause, an escape from that infinite scrolling GO GO GO, not to be delayed, now or never, top-priority whatever. You know it can wait.

And when you’re up for some normality and online sharing, let me know what is your own kind of hygge and hashtag #getyourhyggeon.


I know the word Poetic might sound ambiguous (a bit like bla bla bla). I love this word. It is the closest to Hyggeligt that I can think of. The Urban dictionary says poetic is -the world through the view of those who can see what many can’t-. I think that is so exclusive/inclusive. It sounds like: *Oh! don’t you understand the poetry of it? Oh Im sorry you can’t see it. It is something just for us poets. Sorry.*  In my definition, poetic is that sort of beauty that is clear as water, intelligible to everyone, ordinary that becomes extraordinary. 


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