Sometimes I hear Hygge things, overhear them. Sometimes I read a group of words that hit my heart, memorable. Sometimes the words become songs, or have always been songs.

I will start now to collect those phrases, or words, or intangible gestures.

I believed in the idea of love. I just didn’t know how it would look like. 

I overheard this on a restaurant. I can only wonder how does it look like for her.

There is sunshine in my soul.

This is a gospel song, of course. Think about the strength of this words. How certain and beautiful knowledge to have the sun inside.

 I know I’m the Wallpaper editor and that Im paid the find the latest most amazing new thing, but sometimes it’s good to want more of the same. It’s good to know that some things will not be discontinued. That they will remain.

Hey, I have this feeling many times: Please, please, don’t ever change.

Now we hug.

They did.

Yes, but coffee first.

I read this in the entrance of the Vitra (furniture) stand in Orgatec 2016. It made perfect sense to ask everyone to chill, stop, hygge, after such a run of overwhelming glitter and business talk. One coffee is all we need.

Embrace the glorious mess that you are.

(Elizabeth Gilbert).

Life is sweet.

Oh yes it is, most times.

Life is too short to keep the hugs to yourself.

Take time to do what makes your soul happy.

The whole thing with passion.

We are not best friends. We are soul friends.

These are the words of VIgga, my friend’s daughter. She was 9 when she said it, to describe her friend Rosa.