I am Claudia. I grew up in the Caribbean city of Barranquilla (Colombia), a colourful hugging city of drums, mangoes and palm trees. I swam in the waters of colourful fish. I thought I was a fish. Then I left home and the concept of home broke- for me. I had that feeling. And I have being  trying to put the pieces together ever since. I am now a citizen of Australia, but a passport is just that. I still wonder where is home: In my car, listening to triple J. Holding my camera trying to make eye(camera) contact with cockatoos. Sitting in that rock in Gordon’s bay. I was home eating street vietnamese food with my friend Aniela, watching a cuban movie, discussing everything. Home could be a place in my mind, the memories of the walk from school. The man at the information desk of the University Library in Bogota. My cousin Harold in California and a drive in his old-slow-beautiful-blue car. A conversation on Skype with my sister. I was home swimming in Cape Tribulation (Australia) with my childhood friend Kathy, catching the sparks of sun in between the leaves of the trees.

And I am home now. Home is where you hang your hat, take your shoes off, speak out, laugh out loud. Its when you are free. Free to love all the love that you have. Its when you pick up your son at daycare, your heart anticipating the best hug. Its were you can allow silence takeover the noise and orchestrate it in your memory at levels you didn’t know existed. Its where you find you are you, and that that is fine.

Home is Aarhus, Denmark. For now.

I want to share my vision, the moments that take me home, with the hopes of multiplying hygge, a wave of depth and joy that will grow and go places. And maybe take you home.


In case you are wondering where is Cape Tribulation, this guy has a very accurate picture of it.