All danish messages have some sort of emoticon.

Today, while I was trying to sell something in the Danish eBay (DBA), and  find a babysitter on while sending some work emails, I realised THIS:

I’m doing it! I am sending a happy face at the end, in the middle, sometimes even at hello. I’m scrolling to find the other faces and that unicorn, or the more appropriate ones.  In other places (Australia) you don’t do that. It’s “too much”. You can say you are interested in buying or selling and have no need to make friends. Business is business. Or write a work email that goes straight to the point and is only “kind and decent” when you ask “please advise when” instead of “can you tell me when”(this is how Danes would ask kindly). Do we do this in Denmark because we can’t add the word “please” and have to use “Can I” or “can you maybe” to not be too pushy and crazy-desperate? Or do we have an emoticon at the end to play it safe and sweet and not confrontational? They have told me it is all about making it clear that is not sarcastic. But always? Because I use it always! I think sometimes (most times) it’s just life. Pop culture. The things that stick and make sense. 😉

It is working for me. I like speaking to people that take the time to search for a smiley or a wink. I might be damaged. I expect them now. If they don’t send me an emoticon I unconsciously wonder. And if I have to text someone cool and “fast-paced” in Sydney or New York, I would probably send them a couple and see what happens. Let them think I’m weird. Or uncool. I feel happy when I am sending you an inner smile, a smile in my eyes, an emoticon. Why not? Deep happiness is a sweet smiley emoticon that can be shared. And oh! There is no such thing as uncool.



I researched: Who came up with this emoticon thing? I was fifteen when all I did was 😉 that. The graphics of it are quite powerful. Oh! This modern times.

Posted by:Lidol Claudia

Im on a mission.

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