It’s time to double down on inclusion, even if it means reaching across that uncomfortable divide.

The American election, Brexit, the feeling of conservatism and fear in Denmark, has left us with of a sense of awareness of the connected spatial and divided geographies of urban versus rural, the coasts versus middle in America, and of white versus black versus latino, or versus minorities in general. I appreciate the charge to the ‘revolutionary act of knowing others.’ This is a conversation that is needed, and it cannot only happen in the space of the media and social media and politics. It needs to also happen in spaces and places where we all live, work, play, and connect. Our shared world is as tangible as the main of my own little village within Aarhus and as real as our many different types of homes, workplaces, and public infrastructures and facilities.

We are all connected and we can make a difference together, but we need to get to know each other.

Our next role is to be part of a process that heals.—Milton Glaser

Your welcome mat should be out now, say “be my guest”, and turn your eyes to a future that is luminous, inclusive.


Featuring words and design by designer Debbie Millman. 

Posted by:Lidol Claudia

Im on a mission.

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