I discovered that, discovering is not necessarily related to going places. Sometimes you discover when you turn around, take your headphones off, listen, see, allow yourself silence inside. You discover when you are awake at 4:00 am in the morning and your thoughts top the need to achieve rest. There are so many things more likely to happen at that magical hour. Like seeing the light in the sky (if you live up north or down south). You will see the shades of colours you had never seeing before, infinity. And you imagine your finger is a colour selector of Photoshop and that you can pick and exact colour. Like that. Yes, you, that blue of -that time of the morning: come with me. Be part of my heart. I will save that colour in your memory-colour-drawer and call it: unicorn blue. Then paint the walls on it. Spread it. It will be the blue that will forever remind me of being on an edge, in Denmark, in front of this window but understanding nothing but- A glimpse that could lead me to an amazing discovery:

So, you have probably heard this phrase a thousand times: “It’s you. It’s always being you”.I had a dream with it. Was it first said in Ironman 2? I googled the phrase and there is a Reddit discussing the origins of the phrase. Was it Ross to Rachel in Friends?

If these words keep coming to mind, to script writers and producers, it might be just one of those moments that reflect the truth, recognisable truth, universal.

Can you think of that moment in the movie of your life?

This is mine. I felt it one day, those words. And June 19 is our anniversary. 6 years later we are still flying (and married). We give each other powers. At that point I thought: you are a bird. And if you are a bird, I am a bird. I remember the day I saw that power, his eagle bird eyes, in 1998. The moment my cockatoo dark staring eyes found his. 6 years ago there were two birds in our wave-shaped cake. And it still feels the same way, the love. New. And I discover him every day next to me.

Cheers to the skin we shed, the tears, the laughter, the freedom of your dancing moves, and us. I will be loving you all around and all year round. Every day.

Cheers to every romantic out there. Hang in there. Love wins.

Posted by:Lidol Claudia

Im on a mission.

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