I can’t see why would I need to take the rush hour train. There has to be a way around it. Get to work early, leave early. Get to work late, leave late. Get to work early, leave late, and love my work. Not have kids and need to pick them up places at that time. Move out of the city, far, and cruise down wide streets. Or move to London, start rushing, love urge, and continue to love London. Because rush hour in London is good three hours.

I can’t remember being pushed by a crowd of fast walkers anywhere, stopping at poles and holes with my stroller/pushchair, which I nervously pushed down a “pushchair-unfriendly” path. London is a man, energized by energy drinks/ lots of caffeinated drinks, urged-blocked and with no patience, touching his buzzing phone somehow, holding back on a bigger urge to see that message, never stopping. No second thoughts. Lost and will never find. A boiling kettle whistling “ready”- all ready- go!

A walk from A to B.

Was it hygge? Maybe. You can sit and watch, hear the echoes of its deep voice speaking fast, witty and smart, snapping sometimes to  a ridiculous/ out of order/ slow/ boring/ “seriously?” what? -thing, and smiling crazy at Alice in wonderland’s cheshire cat, that will stare at you the second you stop. You can be David Bowie, punk, smell like organic cologne, and still feng shui while you freak out and find your zen, or stop blaming or crapping to, of course, keep walking. Hey, don’t stop.

I promise London has free interesting sights. You don’t need to go anywhere (on a train). Don’t. It will happen there, at walking distance. Sit back and find. Find a pub, a friend, a stranger, a weird stranger, a joke, a park, a good glass of wine, a mug full of caffeinated liquid. Find love. Find all of that and let go. Lose it all and start tomorrow all over again. Live life like that, saving nothing for later. Today will do.

If you can hygge(love) and rush, if that is even possible, aim for a square meter of coolness, and throw a coin to decide on a revolution. Then, start a conversation on that coin. But think fast. 7 seconds of attention span and, that was that. No-hygge will be like a No-Birthday celebration. So celebrate.

Cheers to cool and wicked love.


Posted by:Lidol Claudia

Im on a mission.

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