Expect hyggeligt touches from many restaurants in Denmark. I walked into Langhoff og Juul after someone recommended it. It went down like this: “It is very easy to watch your pram from the outside“. In Denmark, babies that sleep in their prams outside, get fresh air, health, and happiness. So restaurants with big windows get more people in, and prams parked outside.

Langhoff og Juul is very intimate, warm, and pretty (check!) and the food is carefully served, with lots of love and little details to make it oh!-so memorable, fresh, healthy and delicious. Plus, this is what I found written on the wall:


Missing somebody? …Call

Wanna meet up? …Invite

Wanna be understood? …Explain

Have questions? …Ask

Don’t like something? …Say it

Like something? …State it

Want something? …Ask for it

Love someone? …Tell him/her.

Nobody will know what’s going on in your mind. It’s better to express rather than expect. You already have NO. Take the risk of getting a YES. We just have one life. Keep it simple. 

Life is meeting up. Celebrating the weekend, a friday, or just a good day. Laughing out loud and letting go. Including in the plate those little things that make food look good- a work of art. A kiss before the main dish. Happy pigs and cows. Making an effort. Children sitting with us at the table. A taste of more. Leaving room for dessert. Looking at each other’s eyes. Less food waste. Knowing where the food comes from. Celebrating food. Choosing wisely. Sharing. Welcome to Langhoff & Juul.

(Original text: Livet er.. At mødes. At fejre det weekend, friday eller bare en godt dag. Et grineflip, minus madsminke. Et kys før hovedretten. Glade grise og køer. Børn om bordet. En smag af mere. Simremad. Plads til dessert. At gøre sig umage. At se hinanden i øjnene. Mindre mad spild. At vide hvor maden kommer fra. En hyldest til løgene. At vælge med omtanke. At dele fredagsfadet eller smage lørdagsretterne. Velkommen til Langhoff & Juul.)

Aurelio (15th months!), is already walking-running. He escaped to the kitchen and gave me an excuse to peak in. I liked what I saw: All smiling faces saying Hiii! (very Danish). Aurelio was thrilled with the smell and the sweet look of people in crisp white outfits, smoke, and the fun and love of home-cooking.

So, I came back home to get my hygge on, and drop a pot of herbs on my table. Now.





Posted by:Lidol Claudia

Im on a mission.

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