I realise that, in the control room of my mind (have you seen the movie Inside Out?)- imagine your emotions (happiness, sadness, fear, disgust and anger) been voices inside your hair, there is an emotion with the shape and looks of Zaha Hadid. The emotion of anticipation, positivity and great confidence, strong interest and faith, curiosity. The emotion that has no fear at all.


It is the part of you that will not fit into the system. That will feel comfortable hanging on the edge. Your boldest self.

Saha Hadid was a great architect.


That she walked away from this living world, leaving us with her energy, so much energy, got me thinking: Her life, her presence, her work, touched many people. Her courage and tenacity shines through the way she lived her life. And that is compelling. What is compelling? Can we achieve compelling on our practices, projects? (YES!) Is our “Zaha” emotion out of the box? Is our story compelling? Is our light shining through, brave and beautiful? How diluted are our ideas at the end of the day after some rain or after whatever (we believe) is crashing thoughts? Are we standing up for them?

What makes her great is the fact that her soul poured into her work. In fact, she would never use the word space to describe her buildings. For her, it was(is) about energy, experience. She built for a city fabric, worked with the air of context, honest and fair, but with the bravery, the beauty, and the flexibility of the algorithms of movement, out of the box and out of all closed boundaries.

She is the face of drive and positivity in my “head quarters”, or at least how I visualise it. She is the voice of straight-forward-conviction.

I will think Zaha is with me every time I have to defend an idea to a board of directors on a product presentation, at an interview, anything that requires bravery and courage and tenacity. She will stand with me like a side kick.

I will feel fine with the things that I like, playing them on a loop, the song that I like that takes me to the top of the wave, releasing all my excitement on the way down. Liking something so much it lifts you at moments.

So, Morgan Freeman directing me though traffic is good, but having Zaha Hadid’s give me a boost of whisper screams of -Go Claudia!, with her passionate expressions and strongly settled voice, goes beyond any Pixar movie. It is the ultimate voice of an act of faith to myself and to my ideas.

Why are you worried about being worried? -she would say. Be worried while you ride your wave. Work hard. Believe. And sing your song. Out. Loud. On a loop. Until it is out of you and belongs to the world. It is not hygge if you don’t share.


Zaha Hadid died last week. Listen to her voice here:


Posted by:Lidol Claudia

Im on a mission.

One thought on “About being wonderful and being comfortable dangling on the edge

  1. Mana loved this post … Y guess I’ll grab my Zaha emotion jajaja empower myself … Determination is the key of success 😉


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