I’m finding it hard to find anything hygge about life these days. The fact that the sun is nowhere to be seen, his face completely covered (his eyes and nose and mouth all full of clouds, suffocated, claustrophobic, doomed and helpless), pushes me to the ground, heavy, the toughest gravity. I watch my steps on the wet pavement, because there is rain, and I wonder how long will it be until he (the sun) is allowed to be free, so he can be one of us again, bring songs and joy and photosynthesis. I feel like I have reached the point where the lack of vitamin D has drained all my ideas of candles and typical hygge go go go. No hygge. Nope. Not possible.

So I thought I could get creative and surround myself with things that have a sun “reserve”: Set a sunscreen bottle on a visible spot (just to smell it sometimes). Keep in touch with a tropical friend, someone that can show me the sun on Skype, on real time (I have a sister that lives in a cairibbean city). I thought I could get a cactus. Listen to songs that sound like drinking cocktails on the beach. Watch movies that show people sweating, wearing shorts, smiling out their lucky weather. But it doesn’t work when it is this gray and sad. It backfires and feels like a joke. A dumb joke.

I can only wonder where is everyone while I’m cruising the empty streets at 17:00 –that time of the (dark) day, looking into the little hygge windows of my Danish city -Aarhus (I know I shouldn’t).

And I imagine people sitting at their dining tables, getting it hygge by all means (but still on their phones, on their computers).

Im even having thoughts, doubts about the whole concept. Hygge what? Like, why? I think xxxxx, things that I cannot write.

I have in my head the words of a good friend and lovely hygge spoiler: Hygge is a distraction. She might be right. Because this hygge things and moments are just doing lots of bla bla bla, creating a blurred mess, closing eyes to the world and to what is actually happening, creating numbness, a pause that just -stops. The need of hygge success is holding people back from curiosity and to other unhygge things that might be needed in this beautiful diverse planet, an ecosystem that expands on global lines and needs others, that are different to you, to survive. There is life, interesting happy lives outside your door, in far away places- or close.

But unknown to you.

So, free yourself from hygge, the hygge as you know it, and allow yourself to others paths, to the unknown. Disagree a little. Say no, Im not sure I agree with that. Say, no, I think this. And raise your eyebrows. Give your voice a stronger presence. Show your hands above the table, and be comfortable while you speak. You are there. That moment is the perfect moment to say what needs to be said. That more dynamic you is fine. It’s OK to look crazy. It’s OK to be different. It’s Ok to take another path.

Crossing paths with random people might be the greatest thing. Seeing their paths is seeing yourself. Buy a plane ticket to a new place. Don’t go on those all inclusive plans/hotels that are boring and predictable. Buy the plane ticket and research. Go on tripadiviser, cheapoair, Air B&B, but allow yourself to improvise, unmethodical, unorganized. Go on Magnum photos and see what the eyes of the world are photographing, outside your everyday instagram. Read a newspaper that is not your usual newspaper. Step outside your comfort zone. Touch the world with your bare hands, raw, yours. And be active, participate. Yes, yesterday you were “doing what you love and loving what you do” under your hygge lamp, drinking your hygge hot chocolate with your hygge friend, but, is that the full potential of your “love” and of what you “do”. Is that all? Really? How do you know?

There is more.

I could write a list of summer movies on Netflix and summer songs to keep you dreaming.

And advise on the cactus to make your house look hyggeligt.

But this is it. Life is now. Don’t wait for summer. It is happening now. Your fire, yellow, is there and will burn, burn, burn, always. Make an uhygge plan and stay curious, stay weird. Dark is good. Talking about politics is OK. Talking about how you feel about the new government is OK. Talking about thinking of getting a new job is OK.

Shake it all a little. Complain but move. Don’t aim for hygge for a while. Forget about it. It doesn’t have to be always hygge.

Are you feeling sick of the hygge thing? The good news is, friends will always be friends, and will always hygge with you. Even while you disagree. Even while you are uncomfortable. Even while you still ambition more, and want to learn more, know more, see more, move more, love more. Thy hygge as you know it can always get better. Life is that rich and that powerful and that beautiful.

“In times of change learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to work in a world that no longer exists.”
-Eric Hoffer



The world’s best photographers are here http://www.magnumphotos.com/.


Posted by:Lidol Claudia

Im on a mission.

One thought on “No hygge (spoiler alert)

  1. I agree…
    Everyone is entitled to more… Or not … Embracing sadness, madness, deslikes and even anger once in a while .. Then come back to Hygge 😊
    Why not ?
    💜 u mana !


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