This Christmas, deck the halls with bravery. Now that the world is one list of gifts and compromises, you can chose to get off track that list and start another one, a braver one. You can chose to layer up your courage to get out there. Getting out of your comfort zone is the key to unlock Christmas, to say that thing to that person that you wanted to say all year: Im sorry, Im thinking of you, Im here with you (not for you because that implies you have to do something together, and all you need to do is be there, no matter what, with no agenda). Just be there and wait for the conversation to find its way. The uncomfortable and awkward that you think will happen will not happen. It is in your mind. It will be fine. Love always floats away, even on the darkest waters. And that spark in your heart, that thought that keeps coming, that is love.

If geography has separated your heart in pieces, distributed the parts on facebook and whatsapp, call  those names. Count your blessings on the friends that are like family and love them merrily with your voice, the sound of presence. Facetime and Skype are good options. Hug them physically, hug them through a screen, through a phone, ghost hug them. Hug that cousin that you found on the way, family members that are now friends, and hula hoop in your mind (or if you want, just go for it now!), with your arms up. Pick up the phone.



This is the hug:

Posted by:Lidol Claudia

Im on a mission.

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