Aurelio dances to Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and gets his hygge on, or sleeps. But Signe Thorborg, our friend at the Musikskole (Music College) and teacher, said one particular song has been trending for generations: the song of an old man on a journey. And I suddenly imagined a time travelling song, verses untouched, the same tones that were sung by your great grandmother are and will remain exactly the same. A song on sepia,  on black and white and candle lights. No remixes, not faster, no electric guitars added, no fuzz. How many scenes can be translated to other times and remain as pure, as true?

But I’m in Denmark now, and untouched is nostalgia and nostalgia is Hygge, and Hygge is the “hug” that I’m feeling from this song.

It hides a massive truth, a revelation that hits all the high notes of nostalgia and hygge:

I’m home. I am home!

The lyrics go something like this (I have translated from Danish- it is very difficult):

I walked land and sea,
I met an old man.
He then said, asked:
“And where is your home?”
“My home is in swimland
swimland, swimland
all the ones that can swim,
are home at swimland. “

(and then you repeat it with different verbs, change the word swim for kiss, hug, jump, dance).

It is a song written around the idea of having cycles of different activities where kids can learn words while they mimic actions- I get that. But the genius of it is pretty obvious.

I have always questioned myself and wondered around this concept -home. My heart is in so many places. That phrase “home is where your heart is” made me think for a long time that It was no longer possible for me to be home.

So this is the fact: Home is where you are. Home is where you can be who you are. If you dance, if you are a dancing type, home is where “danceland” is. It is where what you do and feel and believe in is received with grace and glory. If you hop and you are in “hopland“, boom! You have gloriously stepped into your “home zone”.

Which means that -Home- is not linked to Geography or people. It is in you. It is in the place-moments that release your brave heart, in the places that unlock you, that set you free.

Home is where you are unlocked free. And freedom is to hygge what water is to the soil. Fertility. Life.

Posted by:Lidol Claudia

Im on a mission.

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