Amsterdam. I love the rhythm of its name. Amsterdam. Amsterdam.

As soon as you step on it, you find yourself walking cooler, to a beat that you get from the air. You feel your bones a bit loser, your body balancing to the right and to the left, your legs sliding and your hands maybe in your pockets. Amsterdam is your coolest version, a younger you that is still in you, Lucy in the sky with diamonds, purple rain. It has this pump, a raise-your-eyebrows pump, a unicorn uniqueness sort of feeling, a grunge punk vibe. Revolutionary in a conservative way, if that makes any sense, opinionated in a respectful way.

So, who are you, Amsterdam? If Amsterdam could be anybody, she would be a grown up woman that is still extremely young, a little girl, a toddler that won’t go to sleep because she is busy having ideas. She needs to spread her thoughts passionately (now!), create a movement, and she will not give up. She is a quirky girl that wears jeans, with bright, engaged eyes, because she’s always observing and drawing in her mind. You would see her walking somewhere in her own world, in the clouds, just because  she is grasping something, learning, handling a bigger task maybe, having the bigger thoughts that free-thinkers have.

She will talk fast, smart, sing a song she has very carefully changed (while she multi tasks), raise her eyebrow to the world, put her hand as a fist, and go! (punch to the air). She says yes to life and fun. She has a clown nose that is not red but gold (because she is classy like that). It is her nose – don’t question it. She says no to dumb questions and wonders why you even asked. Why?

While I visited Amsterdam, I engaged with her quirkiness, found my beat, my song, steeped into her odd rhythm, and treasured all the moments that I didn’t have the courage to strip down to analysis and photos. As I left, I took a blurry image (with my eyes a little bit closed), turned around with some head movement (the coolness sank in!), and walked in direction to the exit. City of freedom, good bye. (I love you).

Was it Hygge?

There is, in fact, a very similar word. Gezellig. The concept involves relaxing, sharing, friends.

I should explain the difference.

Hygge ? Or Gezellig? (pronounced ge-ZE’-llig)

Generalisation: the process of formulating general concepts by abstracting common properties of instances. – 

I would say Gezellig is a bit different to Hygge, just because Dutch are extroverted, quirky, bold, and cool (while they invite you somewhere) and Danes are quiet, shy, and cool (while they smile inside). When you get some Hygge, you are ON. When you get some Gezellig, you are OFF. It is intimacy at two different levels. If you are an outgoing outspoken person (like Dutch), your pause and positive thoughts sink in when you stop and to feel the vibes of your heart. If you are shy and tranquil (like Danes), your pause and positive thoughts have a good chance of coming when you stop to feel the vibes of the world. 

For example, a gezelligheid moment that involves a kiss (then you are probably Dutch) is a kiss that might be going to the moon. A hyggeligt moment that involves a kiss, (then you are probably Dane) is a kiss that might be going to the center of the earth, somewhere really deep. 

GEZELLIG is extroverted. HYGGE is introverted.

Gezellig is you giving the world a hug, being buddies with it, deciding to relax and lay back together. Hygge is more of a hug the world gives you, so you flow on how comfortable you feel.

Gezellig is a smile in the fire of your eyes. Hygge is a soft song in your heart.

Hyggeligt or Gezelligheid? (adj.)

It is definitely confusing. Use them as you wish, if you feel positive, tuned with the love of the world. They will both work. 

Am I recommending Amsterdam? 100%. 10 points in Hygge. Flip the coin and you  are Gezellig, the side B of Hygge, the song in your heart that becomes fire in your eyes. And come back one week later to tell the story. Yeah! 

Amsterdam will be in you, and his flowers in your hat, in your pockets, in your hands.

Aurelio connects.


I am not Dane, and I am not Dutch, so I did some research on the definition of GEZELLIG and this is what I found:

Gezzelig is as a word  that encompasses the delicious lying in bed while rain pounds outside feeling of being relaxed, protected, cuddled, and coddled. -Unknown source but I like the image.

There’s a sense of time stopping, an intimacy of the here and now that leaves all your troubles behind, at least until tomorrow. You can get that warm, fuzzy feeling in many situations. – Lonely Planet.


gezel +‎ -ig, literally “companionable”, cognate with German gesellig.

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